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Urology of Virginia Partners with Captive Radiology to Provide Mobile PET-CT Services

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Hampton Roads, VA –– We are excited to announce our fourth PET-CT partnership, Urology of Virginia. Urology of VA has provided comprehensive urological care in Hampton Roads for 100 years. They have a staff of 28 board-certified urologists and 29 Advanced Practice Providers. Urology of VA has four locations, including an ambulatory surgery center and a cancer center.

"The addition of a new PET-CT service line represents a transformative step forward for both the practice and for the care of patients," Jennifer Miles-Thomas, MD FPMRS, President of Urology of Virginia, stated. "With this state-of-the-art technology, Urology of VA will be better equipped to accurately diagnose and monitor various urological conditions. This will not only speed up the diagnosis process but will also allow for the personalization of care. Each patient is unique, and the PET-CT will give physicians the ability to tailor treatment plans to the individual's specific needs."

Mock-up of PET-CT Mobile Provided by Captive Radiology

"Practices are adept at providing care and treatment to patients. Captive Radiology's expertise is specific to advanced imaging (PET-CT)," Captive's Regional Sales Manager Mark Lautzenheiser stated. "Captive allows the practice to focus on the practice and its patients while we take on the heavy lifting of implementing and operating the project. We want to make it seamless and easy for the practice, its patients, and physicians. From managing the site work and construction, assisting in selecting equipment, hiring, training, and managing the operations staff, and coordinating the PSMA dose process, our team does the heavy lifting for its partners.”

Captive will provide the Urology of VA a Siemens mCT 20 PET CT mobile with a hot lab and patient uptake room(s). Our team will also staff the unit and provide dose management. In addition to our clinical and staffing services, Captive will assist in marketing to provide Urology of VA media through brochures and social media content.

"As for the Captive Partnership, I envision a significant positive impact," Miles-Thomas stated. "This partnership represents a groundbreaking shift towards a more collaborative and integrated approach to healthcare delivery. By leveraging this partnership, Urology of VA shows a commitment to constant improvement, fostering innovation, and ultimately delivering the highest possible quality of care to patients."

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