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The Captive Way

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Captive Radiology places tremendous value on its hospital and physician partnerships - and the relationships cultivated within each partnership. Understanding each other, working to achieve common objectives, overcoming obstacles together, and ultimately sharing in great success are the hallmarks of each relationship.

Captive Radiology partnerships are different. The statements below are excerpts from an article found on titled "At the Heart of New Ways of Working are Trusted Communities" The comments succinctly describe how Captive views partnerships. Huffington Post writer, Ayelet Baron, said:

"The organizations that are re-inventing themselves are the ones that are moving to the edges with purpose... They value dialogue and understand that people are at the center of everything. The currency is trust, which leads to strong partnerships."

Are you having the right conversations?

A truly valued partner provides the opportunity to have candid and quality conversations. They will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. A true value-add partnership will be marked by the freedom to share, discuss, opine, and have challenging discussions that lead to innovative growth.

Do you take the time to get to know your valued business partners and let them get to know you?

Just as in our personal lives — good relationships take time, work, and energy. So why do we hold to different standards in our business relationships? We need to work on building thoughtful and authentic partnerships rather than business as usual. Doing this will break the wall of disconnected partnerships instead of letting the wall hinder progress. If you agree, and if you are trying to expand and grow your imaging business, let's connect and discuss.


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