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Our Services

Our goal in every partnership is the same – to tailor a solution that will enhance patient care, improve quality and provide convenience while positioning your hospital or practice for financial success.  

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We examine your specific situation and help you make the most clinically efficient and cost-effective decision on how to proceed.

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As a partner of Captive Radiology, you can choose to have us handle the day-to-day operation of your imaging service, so that you can focus on your most important needs.

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We will manage the project – from concept to completion, from architects to contractors. 

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We employ a multi-step process for hiring staff to serve each partnership.

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We can help you find the proper imaging systems that best suits your needs.

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When it comes to obtaining the appropriate radiology accreditation, we cover all the bases.

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When the time comes to build or increase your customer base and boost your market share, we can step up to help.

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Our Quality Assurance Program ensures the highest quality of clinical procedures and patient services are being provided.

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