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Radiology Staffing

Captive Radiology has created a multi-step process for hiring staff to serve each partnership. This critical process includes:

Captive Team-2.jpg
  • Competency reviews

  • Telephone screening

  • In-person interviews with our leadership and yours 

  • Required background and reference checks. 

The results of these steps provide further information as to the candidate’s “fit” for the position and can provide valuable information to assist in managing that individual. Captive Radiology consults with you and selects individuals who fulfill the specific needs of your facility. While these team members are employed by Captive Radiology, they will be a part of your team.

For information regarding our available positions, please visit our careers page.


Lead Technologist
Adena Health Systems

“I enjoy helping others and being a part of a great team at Captive. We all work together and get a lot accomplished and help a lot of people."


Mobile MRI Lead Technologist
Crystal Clinic

"It’s very rewarding to have the privilege of being the lead technologist for the mobile MRI sites at the Crystal Clinic. I hope to continue providing great care to patients for many years with Captive Radiology."

Captive Team.jpg

Lead Technologist
Adena Fayette
Medical Center

"I love the family atmosphere at Captive. I know if I have any questions or issues, the answer is only a phone call away. I also enjoy working with patients again on a daily basis, especially in this small hospital atmosphere."

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