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Rely on Experience and Expertise

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

By Paul Yastrab

The successful completion and implementation of a medical imaging project are among the most complex designs and construction projects to execute. Whether you are replacing existing equipment, renovating existing space for new equipment, or building brand new space, these projects can be challenging to manage. MRI leads the way as the most challenging of imaging projects - both technically and fiscally.

Planning your MRI project requires coordination from the very beginning. For example, the equipment supplier, architect, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, the Radio Frequency (RF) contractor, and in many cases, the landlord or property owner must be working with the same objectives and expectations.

Hiring a reputable architect and contractor is an option, but there are very few companies or individuals who specialize in medical imaging projects. Some may have years of experience in general medical projects, but medical imaging requires more specific knowledge and skill. Specifications such as how much RF shielding is required are imperative for an environmentally safe and patient-friendly MRI suite.

At Captive Radiology, we have 24 years and hundreds of medical imaging projects worth of experience. We help our customers avoid common and costly mistakes while leveraging our expertise during every facet of the project. We manage each project from conceptual budgets, workflow and patient flow analysis, equipment selection, space design, engineering, and construction.

Captive Radiology acts as the Owner's Representative letting our customers do their daily duties within the practice or hospital and not be distracted with another project.

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