Diagnostic Imaging Analysis

Captive Radiology’s partnership model brings needed advanced medical imaging into your practice, whether it be MRI, CT, PET, and 3D Mammography. Our proven methods put you in control of the most critical components of care – access, quality, and cost – and will create a passive revenue stream for your practice.

Radiology Analysis

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your diagnostic imaging services, needs and goals. Whether you are evaluating a new service line, upgrading or expanding an existing one, our objective is to examine your specific situation and help you make the most clinically efficient and cost-effective decision on how to proceed.


Our analysis will include relevant information on the most critical aspects of your project:

  • Your Cost

  • Your Competition

  • Your practice’s most effective way to house the service

  • Your market potential – clinically and financially

Find the Right Radiology Solution

for your Hospital or Medical Facility

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Radiology Equipment

We assist with Installations, maintenance and service. 

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Project Management

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