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Our Partners

We have worked with medical practices of all sizes, including orthopedic, urology, and multi-specialty, health systems, and critical access hospitals. We bring quality equipment, highly trained staff, and years of experience to our partnerships. We have partnerships across the eastern United States and continue to grow.

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Virginia Urology

Virginia Urology (VU) has a long history of providing quality care to the Greater Richmond metro area since 1929.

The practice comprises 65 providers that include urologists & urogynecologists as well as physicians specializing in the urologic aspect of anesthesiology, pathology, pelvic floor physical therapy, radiation oncology, and radiology.


Captive will provide and service a Siemens mCT 20 PET CT mobile with a hot lab and patient uptake room(s). Along with equipment, our team will be staffing, appointing a Radiation Safety Officer and Physicist, and providing PSMA dose management. 


Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center

A partner since 2006, Crystal Clinic is a 50-plus physician Orthopaedic Multi-specialty clinic and Surgical Center in Akron, Ohio. Captive initially replaced a long-term mobile provider. Captive designed the in-house space managed the construction, and currently provides the system, service, and staff. Today, Captive’s partnership with Crystal Clinic includes 3 MRI systems – two mobiles serving satellite office locations – and 6 Team Members. The Crystal Clinic partnership performs nearly 7,000 MRI exams per year. 


Adena Health System

A partner since 2012, Adena Health System has been serving the communities of south-central and southern Ohio for over 120 years. We manage many of their diagnostic imaging projects. In addition, we provide a 3.0T and 1.5T fixed MRI System and a 1.5T Mobile MRI System running a route to five satellite facilities. In 2021, we added a Cardiac MRI program to the new Siemens Sola inside the Adena Orthopedic and Spine Institute. We currently provide the systems, service, a staff of 20, scheduling, and pre-certification services for all MRI exams.

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Urology of Virginia

Urology of VA has provided comprehensive urological care in Hampton Roads for 100 years. They have a staff of 28 board-certified urologists and 29 Advanced Practice Providers. Urology of VA has four locations, including an ambulatory surgery center and a cancer center.

Captive will provide and service a Siemens mCT 20 PET CT mobile with a hot lab and patient uptake room(s). Captive will also staff the unit and provide dose management. This project is Contingent on Virginia Dept Health COPN approval.


OMNI Orthopaedics

A partner since 2004, OMNI Orthopaedics was one of Captive’s first orthopedic partnerships.  Omni is an 18-member-physician group that also owns and operates a Surgical Center.  Captive designed the space managed the construction and currently provides the system, service, and 4 Team Members.  Omni’s volume has grown every year and currently performs over 4500 exams per year.   


Griffin Health

Our partnership with Griffin Hospital replaces a 20-year partner relationship. Griffin chose us based on our commitment to an improved service delivery model necessary to retain lost market share. As a result, we delivered a new Siemens Aera 1.5T in a new Medical Coaches mobile in February 2019. This partnership significantly upgrades the hospital’s technology, enhances its NAPBC-accredited breast program, and creates an opportunity for Griffin to regain the confidence of its physicians and patients. This year, we will be adding a cardiac MRI upgrade to their unit.


Urology Austin

Urology Austin, PLLC is the largest urology practice in the Austin metro area. Urology Austin has over 50 healthcare providers, including Urologists, a Radiation Oncologist and Anatomic Pathologist, Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists serving patients in 18 locations. Captive Radiology will manage the construction of Urology Austin's new PET/CT suite in its Austin-based imaging center. Captive Radiology will install, service, and staff a Siemens parked mobile unit until construction is complete – at which time Captive will install a Siemens eco-mCT 40 system.

Conrad Pearson Clinic Logo.png

The Conrad Pearson Clinic

The Conrad Pearson Clinic has served patients for more than 25 years. It is the leading urology practice in the Greater Memphis market and one of the largest practices in Tennessee. Today, the practice includes ten urologists and four advanced practice providers across five clinic locations. Captive Radiology's services include project management, installing and servicing a GE Discovery 610 PET/CT scanner, staffing, and providing marketing support.

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Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists

Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists (SOS) is a 20+ physician practice located in Greensboro, NC, and incorporates two orthopaedic practices: Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists and Guilford Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center. They are a member of AAOE and the OrthoForum.


As part of our 5-year contract, Captive will provide technologists, aides, quality assurance, and operations management.


Associated Medical Professionals

Associated Medical Professionals of NY, PLLC is a multi-specialty medical practice based in Syracuse, New York. The practice, known now as A.M.P., was established in 2008 to provide integrated clinical services to patients with the highest level of quality care. A.M.P. has 27 Urologists, 2 Radiation Oncologists, and 21 Advanced Practice Providers across 9 locations. Their current imaging services include CT and ultrasound.

Captive will provide A.M.P project management, equipment and service (parked mobile GE systems), staff, PSMA dose management, and digital marketing support.  A.M.P.'s mobile will be at the Water Street location in Syracuse, NY.


Memorial Hospital and Manor

Memorial Hospital partnered with us after a long history with a mobile imaging provider. This partnership began in October of 2019. Memorial Hospital is an 80-bed community hospital located in a South Georgia serving Decatur County. We provide a Toshiba Vantage 1.5T MRI system housed in a spacious 12X60 transportable building. We also coordinated the required interim service, the construction of a patient access ramp, and the work associated with meeting the State of Georgia’s project review requirements. We recently completed applications training to enable the hospital to perform Breast MRI – the upgrades create the opportunity to better serve local patients close to home.

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Precision Orthopaedics

Precision Orthopaedic became our partner in 2016 and recently agreed to a 5-year extension. With ten physicians, Precision decided to upgrade from a low-field MRI in a satellite facility that did not provide the level of service required. Captive Radiology provided the design and managed the construction to bring a 1.5T high-field system in-house – on the second floor - and currently provides the system, service, and staff. The Precision partnership now completes nearly 3000 scans per year.


Hocking Valley Community Hospital

Hocking Valley Community Hospital (HVCH) is a critical access hospital with geriatric psychiatry, emergency department, urgent care, and a wide variety of clinical, specialty, and outpatient services. In existence since 1906, Hocking Valley has been a community non-profit hospital since 1949. It is located in Logan, Ohio.


Captive Radiology will be replacing a ten-year relationship. HVCH searched for a partnership that would provide them with upgraded technology, training, and support for the hospital staff and volume and financial growth opportunities.


Central Ohio Urology Group

Central Ohio Urology Group (COUG) has 10 locations across Columbus, OH. Their locations include an Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, an ambulatory surgery center, and radiation oncology services. COUG has 25 Physicians and 11 Advanced Practice Providers. Current imaging services include CT, X-ray, and Ultrasound.

Captive will provide COUG project management, equipment and service (parked mobile GE systems), staff, PSMA dose management, and digital marketing support. COUG's PET-CT will be at the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic in Gahanna, Ohio.

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Wooster Orthopaedic

Wooster Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center is proof that Captive’s partnership model can be tailored to groups of all sizes.  Wooster Orthopaedics is a group of 5 physicians covering 3 office locations.  Captive worked with local architects and contractors to design and build a brand new facility to house the MRI equipment.  Over the past 13 years, the partnership has averaged 1200-1300 scans per year. In Wooster, a small practice is providing quality and access to its patients.

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Urology of Indiana

Urology of Indiana has been providing high-quality, comprehensive, and integrated urologic care for over 130 years. Captive Captive will provide Urology of Indiana project management, equipment, staff, PSMA dose management and digital marketing support.

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Memorial Hospital of Texas
County Authority

Memorial Hospital of Texas County Authority (MHTC) is a Critical Access Hospital located in Guymon, Oklahoma.

Captive is currently providing a mobile Siemens Symphony, that is parked at their main hospital location. Captive is also providing marketing support to inform physicians and community members of MHTC's updated MRI services.

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