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The Cost Effectiveness of Mobile Imaging

Providing mobile diagnostic imaging services can be an effective, efficient, and economically sound solution for a healthcare organization seeking to meet ever-changing demands from the medical community it serves.

The demand for quality mobile equipment and creative financial solutions is as high as ever. Rising costs related to equipment purchases and associated service, construction, and operations have caused organizations to delay decisions related to purchasing and installing new imaging equipment. In some cases, the challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified staff has proven too much to overcome.

Whether your organization is a Critical Access Hospital in rural America, a large specialty practice, or a large health system, the following should be evaluated as mobile vs. in-house projects:

Establish a Clear Budget for Equipment and Associated Construction

As construction materials increase in price, finding options that fit your budget is important. A mobile requires little to no construction as opposed to a free-standing imaging center which will save time and money. We estimate the pad preparation to be 1/5th of the cost of building.

Myth: Mobile Scanners Do Not Provide Quality Imaging

This is a common misconception, but we are here to debunk it. Having a mobile unit does not mean quality is sacrificed. Mobile technology is configured with similar software and hardware as systems built for in-house use. The imaging equipment is not limited by the mobile environment. State-of-the-art imaging scanners can be outfitted to mobile and provide great imaging, even better than an in-house unit that is much older.

Incorporating imaging into your hospital or practice is a big decision with many factors to consider. One decision that limits risk is partnering with Captive Radiology. Our partnerships allow you to enter or expand your service without investing the organization's capital or resources. A Captive Partnership is your bridge to a sustainable, long-term service line.

In today's world, costs are high, but the needs for patient care and medical imaging are as great as ever. In-house Imaging is desirable, but fixed mobile coaches can also be a great option. At Captive Radiology, we work with our partners and tailor a solution to best fit their budget and the needs of our shared patients.

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