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Employee Spotlight: Paul Yastrab

Paul Yastrab is an essential member of Captive's team. He manages and services our growing mobile fleet, designs MRI and PET/CT suites, and ensures all equipment runs smoothly. There are many components to an imaging installation. Patients see the finished product: the loud humming of a scanner and the helping hand of our Techs. However, before a patient makes it to the scanning bed, Paul oversees countless tasks to ensure a safe scan for patients and staff.

Paul has been part of the Captive team since the beginning. "I have known and worked with Paul for 30 years. He is a loyal teammate and friend. His knowledge and work ethic are second to none, making him our in-house 'go-to.' Paul's commitment to Captive, customers, and teammates makes him irreplaceable. With his witty personality and big heart, Paul can help you through a problem and leave you with a smile. I am blessed to know and work with Paul. I look forward to working alongside him for years to come." - Dave, President    

"Paul is the type of guy everyone wants on their team. He is incredibly knowledgeable, hardworking, and fun to work alongside. Captive Radiology has many success stories, and Paul's fingerprints are all over them." - Dan, Clinical Operations Manager

"Paul has been a trusted resource and friend for over 20 years. His value to Captive is impossible to quantify as he touches on many aspects of every project. Paul has been instrumental in leading our charge into the PET-CT space. Paul has been vital to our success, from equipment procurement to L-Blocks to new service-related issues. 


A famous phrase people use is that 'no one is irreplaceable,' and I would disagree. Paul is irreplaceable." - Mark, Sales Manager

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