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RAD Award September - Eric

Congratulations to our MRI Manager Eric for being this month's RAD Award recipient!

Eric has been part of our team for nine years. He originally went to school for nursing, "I was in Nursing School and had to follow my patients down to the imaging department. The technology and the ability to see inside the body to diagnose issues fascinated me. So, two years into my nursing program, I changed majors."

Eric currently manages the MRI program at Adena Health Systems in Ohio. "Over the years, our MRI department has grown dramatically. We started Adena's first mobile route and added another, brought in 3T imaging, and grew our MRI Scheduling Department to include prior authorizations to decrease wait times. In addition, we started a Cardiac MRI program and created higher MRI safety standards. It's been rewarding to see the staff grow professionally as we have implemented all of these goals," Eric stated.

"As the manager of Adena Health System's MRI program, with five scanners and over 20 employees, Eric continues to lead our team through many adverse events. Eric's ability to analyze and solve problems with the help of his team is paramount to the success of the Adena MRI program. We are proud to call Eric a leader," Dave, Captive Radiology's Co-Owner, stated.

Thanks, Eric, for all you do for Captive Radiology and Adena Health Systems!

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