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New Partnership: BEST Health System

Bringing Quality MRI to Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH –– We are excited to announce our partnership with BEST Health System in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Established in 2020, BEST specializes in the latest conservative treatment and minimally invasive surgical (MIS) technologies, including endoscopy and arthroscopy, to treat various orthopedic and spinal conditions and injuries. The dedicated medical professionals at BEST Health System are board-certified surgeons with extensive backgrounds in their respective specialties. They provide their patients with the best care; their treatment process includes a treatment plan based on their comfort level, lifestyle, and level of mobility.

Captive will provide a turnkey solution, including project management, staffing, Quality Assurance, accreditation, a Siemens AERA 1.5T wide bore/short bore, service management, and digital marketing support. Our goal in Cincinnati is to create a 1-stop shop for orthopedic needs such as office visits, surgery, physical therapy, and imaging.

Along with our partnership, BEST has also partnered with Elite Physical Medicine. The skilled medical team at Elite Physical Medicine specializes in integrative, whole-body care for various orthopedic and systemic conditions. Women and men in Mason, Ohio, Hebron, Kentucky, and Lawrenceburg, Indiana, trust the team at the neuropathy treatment center for personalized care that combines physical medicine, chiropractic care, therapeutic exercise, innovative treatment, and other nonsurgical treatment options.

We look forward to assisting BEST further and scanning patients in early November.


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