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June RAD Award - Evan

Evan has reached his seven year anniversary at Captive! He has showcased great leadership as the lead MRI Technologist at Adena Health Systems. “I enjoy helping others, and being apart of a great team at Captive. We all work together and get a lot accomplished and help a lot of people,” Evan said. Having recently taken an advanced Cardiac MRI training, Evan will be assisting in the formation of a new Cardiac MRI program for Adena Health Systems.

"I love the technology involved with MRI. MRI is always changing and something new to learn daily. I enjoy being in a leadership role and helping the team anyway possible," Evan stated.

Adena Health System includes four hospitals (Chillicothe, Waverly, Greenfield and Washington Court House) and six regional clinics. They have provided healthcare services to the communities of south central and southern Ohio. A Customer since 2012, Captive manages many of Adena's diagnostic imaging projects. We provide both a 3.0T and 1.5T fixed MRI System and a 1.5T Mobile MRI System running a route to five satellite facilities. We currently provide the systems, service, a staff of 20, scheduling and pre-certification services for all MRI exams. We are excited to continue growing our partnership with Adena with the help of Evan and his team. Thank you Evan for all your hard work!

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