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Rad Award Winner - Chris

Congratulations to our Tech Chris for being our first RAD Award Winner of 2022!

Chris has been part of our team for two years. "I got interested in radiology while I was in the Army. I was an OR tech, but my good friend was an x-ray tech. So I thought his job was more interesting!" Chris stated.

Chris is currently a Radiology Tech for Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center, a partner since 2006. Crystal Clinic is a 50-physician Orthopaedic Multi-specialty Clinic and Surgical Center. Previously, they had a part-time mobile service. We designed the space, managed the construction, and currently provide the system, service, and staff. Since then, we have added 14 digital X-Ray systems to the partnership with Crystal Clinic. These service ten different locations. We added a mobile Espree MRI service in November 2020 to complement the fixed MRI and will add a second mobile in 2021.

"I love my role at Crystal Clinic because I get to work at various locations; it's the variety I enjoy and working with and meeting different people," Chris stated. When he is not tending to patients, Chris enjoys bike riding, hiking, cooking, and home remodeling.

Thanks Chris for all you do for Captive and Crystal Clinic!

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