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Our Hearts are with Ukraine

We at Captive Radiology have always been proud of our company values. We put family before business and take care of our employees and partners. Yet, while we continue to care for those in the US, many in Ukraine struggle to find refuge, medical treatment, and comfort.

Captive Radiology's Co-Owner Joe Palmisano made the journey to Poland to volunteer and assist refugees. Joe is currently helping women and children with their luggage, guiding them to their designated buses, and ensuring their safety. "The Ukrainian people are the most courageous, warm, and caring people I have ever met. I gave each phone number and told them I want to hear [from them]," Joe said. Joe has also been helping bring goods into Ukraine and guide those seeking refuge in Poland across the border.

We are praying for Ukraine. As a healthcare company, we believe everyone deserves access to proper care. And right now, Ukraine needs our help. Thank you to Joe for sharing some photos as he continues his volunteer work.

Along with Joe's efforts, Captive Radiology is providing lodging for Natalia and Olya through the Ukrainian Refugee Rescue. An organization that helps shuttle women and children into Poland and provides food, warm clothing, hot tea, fires, and shelter. Their team has also worked with the authorities to control the flow of refugees exponentially, reducing the possibility of human trafficking.

To read Natalia and Olya's story and learn more about the Ukrainian Refugee Rescue or donate, click here.

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