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OMNI Orthopaedics Completes First ACR Mid-Cycle Audit Survey

Canton, OH –– We are excited to announce the OMNI MRI team (Dan Walker, Lindsey Olinger, Kim Cassidy, and Carmen Barboza) just completed their very first ACR mid-cycle survey (audit). With ACR having over 39,000 accredited sites, we are delighted that the OMNI team, led by Captive Radiology's Clinical Specialist Dan Walker passed the virtual inspection with flying colors.

According to ACR, "these surveys provide an excellent opportunity for a positive educational exchange with experts in the field, as well as validating information submitted for accreditation. Radiologist and medical physicist (if applicable) reviewers from the accreditation program may be members of the survey team, along with ACR staff."

According to the ACR website, "founded in 1923, the American College of Radiology® is at the forefront of radiology evolution, representing more than 41,000 diagnostic and interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and medical physicists."

A partner since 2004, OMNI Orthopaedics was one of Captive's first orthopedic partnerships. Omni is an 18-member-physician group that also owns and operates a Surgical Center. Captive designed the MRI space, managed the construction, and currently provides the system, service, and 4 Team Members. Omni's volume has grown yearly and presently performs over 4,500 exams annually.

Congratulations to Dan, Kim, Carmen, and Lindsey for their hard work and dedication to Captive Radiology, OMNI Orthopaedics, and the patients they serve!

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