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Miranda Mayle Joins Captive Radiology as their PET/CT Manager

We are excited to welcome Miranda Mayle, our newest team member! She has joined Captive Radiology as our PET/CT Manager.

A graduate of Kent State University and St. Elizabeth's School of Nuclear Medicine with 24 years of diagnostic imaging experience, Miranda has been a staff technologist in X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, MRI, and PET/CT departments. She has had the opportunity to be the Clinical Instructor for Nuclear Medicine students enrolled in the program at Kent State University. She has been an online MRI instructor for Cross-Sectional Anatomy, MRI Safety and Patient Care, MRI Physics, and a Clinical Lab Course. Miranda has worked closely with students enrolled in the MRI program to help them succeed academically by monitoring their work, tutoring, providing feedback, and supporting them throughout the program. She has also been responsible for helping achieve ACR accreditation and renewal for Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT departments.

Miranda will work closely with physicists to secure the new site's Radioactive Materials License (RAM). She will be responsible for registering the equipment with the state health department. She will help build schedules for the scheduling department based on projected patient volume. Miranda will apply for ACR or IAC accreditation for each new site to lessen the burden on our partnerships. She will be responsible for recruiting and hiring staff for the site and managing the staff after startup. Once the new unit is installed, she will schedule all physics testing and application training and be on-site to welcome our new staff.

"I am excited to be part of a team dedicated to providing life-altering diagnostic procedures in areas with limited access," Miranda says. "There is no better feeling than knowing that you are providing quality care to so many patients across the country."

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