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Employee Spotlight

Acknowledging Dan Walker's Dedication to Captive's Mission

For 20 years, Captive has shown significant growth! In that time, we have gained many partnerships and employees. One in particular has provided their expertise almost as long as Captive's founding.

Dan Walker, Clinical Operations Manager, began his journey with Captive as a Technologist. Since then, Dan has grown to oversee many of our partnerships and on-site staff.

"I have worked in the medical imaging field for over 30 years and have never had a manager like Dan." Rhonda, Lead MRI Tech at Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists, stated. "He is approachable and very accessible. Our site is in Greensboro, NC, but I feel as if he is just inside the office we scan for. Even though he manages several locations, we feel we are his only site. He is a great listener and is patient. When he needs to be firm, he is fair and respectful. As a lead technologist, I feel my opinion matters to him. Cannot say enough good things about Dan."

With Captive adding PET-CT, Dan has taken the initiative to ensure our PET partners and newest staff members are equipped for anything. "I feel Dan is very understanding and responsive to all of our needs here at Virginia Urology." Marcelle and Allison, PET-CT Tech and Tech Assistant, respectively, stated. "It is truly impressive the amount of knowledge that Dan gained by researching the details for operating a PET-CT department efficiently. We feel that the start-up of the PET-CT Department at Virginia Urology went so smoothly because Dan is so supportive and truly cares about the staff."

"Since Dan was a young technologist, working hard and learning all he could about medical imaging, he has excelled at operations and problem-solving," Dave stated. "I have enjoyed watching Dan grow into the manager he is today. Recently learning PET-CT, Dan has accepted the challenge and currently manages five PET-CT partnerships. Dan has a bright future ahead of him."

"Dan's impact on our team and our partnerships is undeniable," Sales Manager Mark stated. "He has dived into his operations leadership role and has delivered high-level results. Dan has been instrumental in leading Captive into a new service line – PET-CT. Without his leadership and expertise, we would not be where we are today."

Thank you, Dan, for your hard work and dedication to Captive's mission!

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