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Building Bridges

A bridge has multiple meanings depending on the context. It is a structure that allows passage across an obstacle, or it can mean to reconcile or form a connection between two things. You may be unable to move forward in your medical imaging project because you can’t see an end in sight. Captive Radiology listens to your concerns, builds a positive relationship, walks you through this process, and ensures you have reached your destination unscathed before allowing you to continue forward on your own.

For 20 years, Captive Radiology has been in the business of building bridges with its partners. Whether your project includes MRI, CT, PETCT, 3D Mammography or a full outpatient imaging center, we are acutely aware of the challenges you will face in developing a new, advanced imaging service line. We also understand your practice’s ultimate objective may be to own, control and operate all aspects of the service being provided.

The preliminary stages of your imaging project can seem daunting. You and your team may ask yourselves:

  1. What is this going to cost?

  2. How much space do we need?

  3. What equipment really meets our needs?

  4. What is the staffing model?

The answers to these questions are determined by our team listening to your wants and needs, analyzing your day-to-day operations and finding the best radiology solutions that provide maximum efficiency. Captive Radiology’s partnership model is your bridge. We tackle all the difficult questions with you and develops a first-class service line. We build the bridge that takes you from having no service today to having a fully functioning and sustainable imaging service. Once you’re ready to take over, Captive Radiology hands over the keys to the service line knowing that the bridge was successfully built – and it won’t collapse.

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