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Bringing PET CT to Virginia

Captive Radiology Partners with Virginia Urology to bring mobile PET CT services to the communities in and around Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VA –– Captive Radiology is excited to announce our newest partnership with Virginia Urology (VU) to provide a mobile PET CT coach to their Mechanicsville, VA office.

" Virginia Urology (VU) has a long history of providing quality care to the Greater Richmond metro area since 1929...The practice is comprised of 65 providers that include urologists & urogynecologists as well as physicians specializing in the urologic aspect of anesthesiology, pathology, pelvic floor physical therapy, radiation oncology, and radiology. Because we have such diverse medical professionals we are able to provide the latest technologies with our mission of providing the best possible care for each patient. Our board-certified physicians and staff are dedicated to offering care that blends state-of-the-art medical expertise with compassionate, individualized attention. The group has urology specialists spanning nearly every discipline within the field of urology." - Virginia Urology

Captive will provide and service a Siemens mCT 20 PET CT mobile with a hot lab and patient uptake room(s). Along with equipment, our team will be staffing, appointing a Radiation Safety Officer and Physicist, and providing PSMA dose management.

Captive's goal is to play an integral part in the changing care model for patients battling Prostate Cancer – whether newly diagnosed or suffering from recurrent disease. Captive's primary objectives are to deliver new technology/capabilities and quality care to Urology practices and their patients. We believe a combination of Captive's partnership model and its commitment to quality service fits perfectly into the Urology and PSMA PET CT space.

We look forward to working with Virginia Urology and continuing to be involved in the growth of PET CT and PSMA therapy.

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