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A New Partnership: Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Siemens 1.5T AERA MRI

We are excited to announce our newest partnership, Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists (SOS). SOS is a 20+ physician practice located in Greensboro, NC, and incorporates two orthopaedic practices: Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists and Guilford Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center. They are a member of AAOE and the OrthoForum.

In the Spring of 2021, SOS was awarded a Certificate of Need (CON) to provide MRI without a partner. With a CON, SOS was able to end a 20-year relationship with Alliance Radiology, but even with approval from the state, SOS decided to partner with Captive Radiology. Unfortunately, North Carolina’s rigid CON law makes it challenging for a company like ours to break into NC. However, this partnership will provide other opportunities to pursue!

Greensboro, NC

Through social media marketing initiatives and email campaigns, we connected with SOS. As a result, Captive Radiology will provide a full range of project management services led by Paul Yastrab. He is designing SOS’s interior space and coordinating the construction from start to finish. In addition, SOS will now provide service with a Siemens 1.5T AERA MRI system. As part of our 5-year contract, Captive will also provide technologists, technologists aides, quality assurance, and operations management.

Captive Radiology now has five orthopaedic practices under contract, and we are looking forward to working with SOS in providing quality imaging services to their patients.

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