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A New Partnership: Hocking Valley Community Hospital

Captive Radiology is the New Face of Hocking Valley's MRI Initiative After Replacing a Ten Year Relationship

Hocking Valley Community Hospital (HVCH) is a critical access hospital with geriatric psychiatry, emergency department, urgent care, and a wide variety of clinical, specialty, and outpatient services. In existence since 1906, Hocking Valley has been a community non-profit hospital since 1949. It is located in Logan, Ohio.

Until their new equipment arrives, we will be providing HVCH with a Siemens Symphony 1.5T mobile to replace an existing mobile provider. A Siemens Aera 1.5T wide bore mobile has been ordered, and it will be delivered to HVCH in May 2022.

It was a team effort by Co-Owner Dave, Director of Operations Paul, Clinical Specialist Dan, and the Adena Health Systems team to provide information and support. We also worked closely with Siemens and Delta Medical, including our sales representative, Dave Bastulli, to provide HVCH with upgraded technology.

“We are excited to expand our presence in Southeast Ohio and strengthen our commitment to providing quality service to communities of all sizes. It is critical to creating access to quality care regardless of the size of the community or hospital. We are looking forward to a long and robust partnership with the team at Hocking Valley Community Hospital,” Regional Sales Manager Mark stated.

Captive Radiology will be replacing a ten-year relationship. HVCH searched for a partnership that would provide them with upgraded technology, training, and support for the hospital staff and volume and financial growth opportunities.

“Captive Radiology was highly recommended by Delta Medical Systems to Hocking Valley Community Hospital as a potential partner for a mobile MRI solution. We decided to pursue this relationship based on Captive’s affiliation with surrounding facilities, demonstration of experience in the area of mobile units, and the shared mission to provide quality care to our patients. Hocking Valley anticipates an increase in MRI volumes as we will be able to perform more exams on a reliable unit with increased image quality and patient comfort. We look forward to the next part of our MRI journey with Captive Radiology,” Faith Todd, Director of Radiology at HVCH stated.

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